RETRO - More Games?

Two questions.

  1. Were there any game entries that were not posted in the forum?

  2. Is anyone working on another game?


I’m also looking forward to other entries that may or may not have been able to get completed before the deadline.

Personally I intended to make and submit a third game, but found myself in lack of time due to other priorities.
I still would like to create it, but I’m afraid other activities will take priority. But who knows; maybe some day I will find myself in abundance of spare time and can I decide to just go for it and finish that third game…

I am working on at least one more game (I have a whole list but one for now). I will try to post a screen shot of it. Currently I am developing an artwork flow for 16 color tiles/sprites. I finally have some hacked together code to convert a sprite sheet painted in a paint program (I am using Paint.NET and I am going to look at GIMP here at lunch) into C/C++ arrays. I used a program called SpriteX ( Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. )for my invaders game. I actually have 2 more games worth of sprites that I made but did not get around to programming them. SpriteX works really well for 1 bit sprites however it doesn’t do tiles as in paint a bigger picture and break it up into tiles so you have to use some skill (which I am lacking) to make bigger images. I also want to give an SD card interface and interpreter VM a try too since that was my main goal. Plus… this whole thing was an excellent intro to the MBed/MBuino platform and I plan on using it a lot more in projects since it is really simple to use.

I am really interested to see if there were any entries that had not been posted here in the forum so I could possibly put them in the game ROM collection Zip file thing (and to play them too :slight_smile: ).

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