RETRO LCD is falling off

I’ve noticed that my RETRO LCD has started peeling of the PCB.
How was it stuck down in manufacture and what is the best way to fix it?

We use a double sided tape, which holds the display very well. I am very surprised it is coming off! Is it the tape our the display backlight is coming off? Maybe share a picture of what is going on please.

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Mine arrived with the LCD loose on the ribbon end.

No big deal but it was.

@ willgeorge - same question. Was the tape not holding it tight or the backlight is coming off?

The entire assembly is loose on the ribbon end.

It appears that the tape is not holding to the PC board.

It does not appear that the LCD is damaged in any way.

When we get into the office in the morning we will let the production department know and check out the current stock of RETROs.

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Does the RETRO use an N18 or similar.
I had this to one of my N18 too.
Not sure if I have it anywhere nearby now, so no pic atm.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - N18

interesting. I just checked mine, and while I wouldn’t call it " falling off" I wouldn’t call it “well stuck down”. It appears that the tape is holding only on the top edge and about 1/3 of the way along the screen, from the end furthest away from the flat flex. I had noticed that the flat flex end was sitting much higher (because of the flat flex) but it seems that the rest of the tape hasn’t been holding up to its part of the deal. Will try to attach a pic but because it’s not “off” it might look like I’m prizing it apart (which I will have to, to get a decent shot).

Don’t worry about pictures for now, we will take a look in the morning.

too late :slight_smile:

you can see the tape holding it on the top side, and its harder to see the bottom isn’t

Mine is like that too.

Maybe double-sided tape isn’t enough.

Maybe GHI needs to go for… triple-sided tape.


Nothing hot glue can’t fix.

@ Architect -

Or Carpet Tape!

When I bought the “smart touch displays” from Nwazet, they left the lcd unmounted, and the double sided tape present on the board, but with a layer of paper still on - with the intention to let the user peel it and position the lcd just perfectly for their taste.

I actually preferred this way to lcds that are premounted on the tape.

Just 2 cents.

I have two that are both in the same condition

Same situation on my Retro. Display not falling off, but a gap at the right-bottom corner that lets a lot of light shine through. When pressed the gap tightens, so I’m considering to add some hot-glue.

Hey Everyone, basically the raw display arrives from the manufacturer with 2 strips of two sided tape, one strip on two different sides. With that being said we are going to start securing them differently than just using the tape that they come with.

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Many thanks to everyone - I thought it was just mine.
I’m looking forward to the workaround solution.

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