RETRO: Community Effort API

Now that the contest is over and we have shared our code… I would like to know if any of you would like to work on an API? When I first started doing research into writing an API I found the GameBuino (and other projects like the Uzebox). I mention the Gamebuino since it has a really nice Wiki and pretty well documented API.

Link: Reference - Gamebuino Wiki

I have ported gamebuino sound engine in my contest entry.

@ cfavreau - While I had heard of the GameDuino, I never really looked at it until now. It looks very interesting, I might get one to tinker with it.

@ taylorza - It is really cool and small. Too bad RETRO doesn’t have SD card.

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@ Architect - Ah, good thing you posted that pick. I had not heard of the GameBuino, I was thinking of the GameDuino.

I do have Gameduino as well :wink:

I had seen it back when it had a kickstarter (there was another similar one in architecture with a smaller OLED screen by a different felllow around the same time as well). The GameBuino has a nice API and Wiki and a nice set of games already. I thought having a similar API (since the GameBuino has a similar architecture) would allow the games to be ported over to the RETRO relatively easily plus it is nice having an API so you can just think about writing games instead of how do I this (well maybe we never get away from that).

@ Architect - thanks for the tip. The sound API looked to be quite well thought out. I thought it would be the hardest part to convert.

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