RETRO button caps

Does anybody know what kind of button caps fit the buttons on RETRO?

I want to sandwich it between two acrylic plates and use caps for buttons.

Piece of acrylic or wooden dowel with a shallow hole drilled/etched?

Too much work :smiley:

If you’re having an acrylic enclosure made anyway, is it really that much work to add a couple more circles to the plan? You could use Sharpies between layers to give the buttons color.

I did a quick search and it is surprisingly difficult to find ready made caps for these types of buttons. There are plenty of button + caps options. You might have to go that way and just add the buttons to your stock.

Maybe a simple glued acrylic stack like this. If it’s clear acrylic then you could use a Sharpie on the middle layer for color and not have to worry about the color wearing off. You could add an etch to the bottom layer to assure perfect alignment with the 2nd layer.

Another option is to replace RETRO buttons with these: