RETRO: Balls and Paddle

Hi all, this is my second shot at fame and glory. Video is below, the code can be found here.

Personally I like this game better than the other game I submitted, as it’s much more addictive. However, this game is perhaps less original as it’s obviously Pong “inspired”.

After doing some work on the Pong mod I decided to put my efforts into making my version object oriented and try to make a generic object-library that could be use for other ball-and-things games. To add some challenges to the gameplay, the following features were added:

  • extra-free additional balls to please the juglers
  • gravity for pulling the ball down to create some dynamic movement
  • directional power-paddle that counters the ball with a bit more speed
  • lowering ceiling to make endless gameplay impossible

[video=- YouTube]9T9XGEnCDFw

Unfortunately a mundane server migration took me away from creating a third ball-and-things game, but I’m already glad I had this weekend off to submit these two.

BTW. ofcourse I will make the code public and I’m very interested to hear your high-score. While making the game I occasionally got into the hundreds, but reproducing that in front of the camera seemed to be impossible.


Update: just made the code public here.