Retired Products gone from Calatog again?

Why is it gone again? Where do we find design files etc…

We have them all but hidden. We do not want newcomers to be confused. Just ask us what you need and we will give you the link. Old links will still work if you had them booked marked.

That isn’t nice!

But, thanks, found the hidden tab… :slight_smile:

What is not nice?

How about instead, you have a retired products page. that way we can still get the things we need without having to wait to ask for it. You know how it is with a late night coding, when you are doing something and need a file at 2am and cant find it but instead have to ask for it.

We do have that page but I am not sure we want it public. Do not worry about waiting, how much time did it take me to reply to this question?

It’s not nice to hide the pages… ;D

@ jdal,
Yeah, and the international comunity that might work at 6pm local time, but it’s 4am GHI time… :slight_smile:

@ Errol, True.

@ Gus, why do you think newcomers would get confused, if they are in a section that says “Retired Products” wouldn’t that be obvious enough ?

Not to press the point, just curious.

Option 1:
You can google it and you will find the products.
will get you this as first link

Option 2:
You can also get every single download from here

Option 3:
So you do not need to wait for anyone but we are still here to help if you can’t find something.

@ jdal,

I suspect that people seeing the old stuff will moan “I want one of those” or “That one was better because it has XYZ that I need.” etc…

EXACTLY! Thank you :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, is the conversation about products or support files? From a newbie standpoint, I now know that retired means, the product is not available anymore.

I too vote that you use the “retired” products page for products that are no longer available for sale. Currently you list “runout” products there. You do not need prices, just the standard references. Alternately, if the URLs to those products never change, we can add the link to the Wiki for each product (which is how I found the Panda brochure when I was travelling last week)

+1 for a retired products page.

If GHI, as always, brings regularly new stuff on the market, there will be no reason to moan… :wink:

I will pass this on.


Status on what? What are you looking for exactly?

A retired products page :stuck_out_tongue:


Problem solved :wink: