Restoring tinyBoot and .NET

I’m working on a JTAG 20pin to 10 pin connector then working on a C/C++ eLua port to the Panda board. Is there instructions to restore the flash back, so microframework can be restored?

eLua…love to see that :slight_smile:

So you basically want to erase the board and program it using JTAG with eLua?

I will send you a private email

I want to help here. It seems interesting this language. I dont have time till next year but then I could help.

Ok, I got code ready. My jtag is female, thus requiring male headers.

  • Mount the JTAG male connectors on the bottom
  • Mount 2 rows of 5 pin female connectors on top, like the standard pins for a shield. Thus a prototype shield with long male connectors then JTAG would need a shield. I’m guessing at the alignment to the shield to the JTAG pins

but then JTAG is only available to the prototype shield…


Guess the best is to mount on the bottom…

Maybe the next board is move JTAG away so it is not in the way of the shields?

You only need JTAG in rare cases, when you are developing something…

I would add a female header on the top side then you can plug in JTAG when you need to develop eLua and then remove the JTAG and use shields to use eLua

A first pass eLua image is working. Putting code into the under eLua. This will be a fork, until the next release of eLua is complete and tested PWM, SPI, I2C, and some DIO. Also, pushing on Wiring examples and a FreeRTOS port is coming…

Good progress on eLua!
FreeRTOS?! Very interesting.