Resources.BinaryResources useability?

So, I have a form that I want to load into the board’s ram. It’s included in the resources as a .bin.

Is it possible (Rather than forcing me to buy yet another module) to load a form into the board’s RAM and access it from there?

I have both the .frm and the .bin to work with, if it matters.

Both are < 1KB.

you can load anything from the resources into a byte array.
Just follow the docs for loading RLP elf files from resources:
Go down to: “Execution - Add ELF file to Project”
Just above that is a link how the elf file resources are added to the project.

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I was afraid that it was going to be quite intentive.

Thanks for the info. I have an ARM JTAG debugger, but I am not really willing to go into this much depth. It’s a project for a friend and it will be much, much easier just to throw more money at it.

Guess SD card reader it is.

Why do you need a “ARM JTAG debugger” here ?
What board are you using?
With the link I did not meant to use RLP for this.
It just contains a sample how to load binary resources into an byte array (C# code only):

Apologies. When I saw the yargto, I assumed I’d be doing some recode of the existing firmware. (I had used the ARM debugger chain along with a few other tools on a Cortex M3 dev board in the past and it was a nightmare)

I had a rough night last night and embarrassingly, I didn’t read the entire document.

Thank you for the heads up.

I’ll definitely look into loading the form this way rather than adding an SD card module.

If your files contain text only you can add them as text file resources.
By this you can load them easily into a string.
It works like loading the Glide xml forms:

I am actually trying to use Skewworks’ Clix2 to load a form.

It’s the only thing holding me back from completion. In hindsight, I should have either learned to use Glide, or WPF.

Haven’t used Clix2 so far, but I looked ad Gadgetos once (was before Clix2 I think).
In these samples I saw a bin file in the resources.

I have the .bin loaded, but I have no idea how to call it from the code.

I was a bit premature on my last post.

Time to add event Handlers!

For some reason the Resources.GetBytes() method wasn’t being created.

It works, and the form is loading from the board’s RAM