[RESOLVED]Question regarding RLP on EMX board

Hi guys,
I have a EMX board bought last year (june 2010) and updated to firmware version 4.1. I played with it a lot. I had some problems when I needed to acquire data from sensors in real time, but for these it was needed to use the RLP native code and someone told me that it’s not accessible with the EMX board.
Yesterday i was looking around in the GHI store, when I read the “FEZ Panda II” description that says:

So I have a question: is the RLP usable also in EMX freely now, or it’s a feature only for the FEZ Panda II?


RLP is available on all GHI products

thanks for the answer. I retrieved the converstation I had some months ago. They said that the RLP was LOCKED in EMX.


What i meant before is if I need to unlock it!?!


RLP is available on all products and unlocking it is a matter of obtaining a free key from your “MyAccount”

Ouch! Thanks a lot for the info. I will try it!