?Resettable Fuses? What rating is appropriate for the Cerb40?

I’m creating a board that will use a Cerb40 at it’s heart. Power will come from an external 3.3V source. Since I won’t be doing the actual installs of the device, I’d like to incorporate some protection in the design. I was considering a resettable fuse, but I don’t really know what specs the fuse should be. I am only powering the Cerb40 and an additional indicator LED. For simplicity’s sake, assume the Cerb40 will be sourcing on 16 pins up to the max.

STM32F4 manual would be the best reference for these kind of things.

Thanks, Gus. I’ve never seen the reference manual, only the datasheet, and determining this from the datasheet seemed a daunting task. BTW, the links on http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Cerb-Family for the datasheet and reference manual were broken. I’ve found the new URLs and updated the wiki.

Someone may answer this question before I can, given the time it’s taking to download the reference manual!

Looking at the datasheet (reference manual doesn’t seem to give these specs), it looks like I’ll be using ~120mA, give or take a few small peripherals worth. Most peripherals use less than 1mA. Note that I am not using Ethernet, USB, or DMA, which use approximately 3mA to 6mA, so if you are using any of those, your consumption will very a significant amount from mine. ADC uses ~2mA, btw.