Requirements for controlling of 2 bldc motors

hello folks,
which products/controllers/motors I need to control 2 brushless motors?
thanks in advance

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Look at this shield:

it shows what kind of motors it can drive.


Actually this shield will not work with brushless motors.

These motors have special controllers that you can easilly control with FEZ.

visit and search for brushless. Also search this forum. This came up before

hi valentin,
thx for your reply but image of the mentioned product shows brushed motor
can I use this for brushless motor too?? and which microcontroller would you suggest? netduino?? FEZ?? xxx??

No you can’t.

A FEZ of-course, no doubt about this question :smiley:

The code for a brushless controller can be found here:

As for a controller, here’s one:


do I need 2x Turnigy Brushless 35A ESC for driving 2 bldc motors interdependent?
and can I connect Turnigy Brushless 35A ESC to FEZ or other .net controller and control and debug directly from vs 2010??


Sorry, I have overlooked “brushless” part of the question.

Here is one discussion that might help:

See my tutorial here…