Request: Music module with amplifier

Hi again.

I am messing around with the music module and a little mono amplifier attached to a speaker to give my projects some sound.

The amplifier uses a seperate power supply, and the jack and wires are clumsy in my final setup.

Furthermore it is difficult for me make it silent when there is no sound playing, as the noise from the power supply (tried several) are reaching the speakers. I am considering a relay to shut of the amplifier and the power supply as well.

I am wondering how to solve my problems, but I am thinking that other people might have the same kind of problems.

Anyone out there that might be able to or want to create this type of module?

@ njbuch - I’m going to be doing a similar thing as soon as I get the Music Shield driver working reliability. I bought one each of these amplifiers to try out:

I also bought this analog power supply (not switching), with the hope that it won’t introduce any noise:

@ jasdev - I have ordered linear supplies as well now, how is your experiment going? Noise in the speaker, or decent sound quality after your brand-new driver and the right power-supply?

@ njbuch - I haven’t hooked up the amplifier or good speakers yet. I’ve been testing with just a pair of cheap headphones and/or cheap computer speakers. Using these I haven’t heard any noise between tracks.

I’ve begun porting the driver to EMX (Cobra 1 / Spider). I don’t have a Gadgeeter Music Module, so I will have to test with a Music Shield, but the schematics are almost identical, so the results should be valid.

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