Request for material to use for a seminar on Micro Framework

At work we often have seminars on technical subjects during lunch. I have been promising to give one on MF, but have been too busy finishing a project. The project has now ended, and the next one will not be crazy for a few months, so it is time to deliver on my promise.

The seminar will be attended by research scientists. Most are able to program, but most do not program on a regular basis. There are a few embedded programmers, but mostly in exotic areas such as signal processing. Everyone will be an expert in some area of physics, quantum mechanics, signal processing, or high speed networking.

The seminar will be about an hour, and I want to keep it light. I want get a few people interested/hooked, and then follow up with an informal course. I want to focus on Gadgeteer.

I know people have posted presentation links before, but I can’t find them.

Can someone point me to some PowerPoint presentations I can tailor to my audience?


If gadgeteer then here is something but this is a class more than a presentation

Andrew’s talk at MADexpo was great but I am not sure it was recorded.

Here’s one I did for a .NET user group. Some decent image and online resources…

Thanks Eric. You presentation is perfect for my needs. The right amount of presentation and then hands on demos.

Mine is probably not very useful to you. My objective is primarily to inspire others to give it a try and not fill their heads with too many technical details since my audience is mostly software devs that have never touched a soldering iron.

This version turned out to be entirely too long and will be getting a facelift in the next couple weeks as I trim it down to a 50 min presentation while at the same time adding some new demos.

Sounds like a cool place to work. Loads of raw talent available, get em hooked Mike :slight_smile:

@ HughB -

Once upon a time it was called Bell Labs.

All hail the modern forefathers of American Geek!! I am humbled with the thought that a slide from my presentation may make its way in front of this brain trust, regardless of what corporate incarnation you currently are.

OMG, how cool is that!!!

FWIW - Many, many, many moons ago (about 20 or so years ago) my brother worked at BellCore.

We used to be called Bellcore. Twenty years ago there were 6000+ employees. Now there are about 2300, and we are owned by Ericsson.

Will you be pushing for a NETMF port to Erlang? :wink:

Your question seemed odd to me. To me Erlang relates
to Erlang B units and telephony traffic. I could not understand
what that had to do with porting to NETMF.

So I Googled, and found out the Ericsson had developed
a programming language Erlang. I guess your question
was not odd, just in an unfamiliar context.

Erlang is on the porting list right after Jovial.

@ Mike - is Jovial before or after giggles? Gotta love what they name somethings :slight_smile:

@ Mike - cheers for linkie very interesting. Gotta love the full meaning of the name!

I have a friend who is an Erlang fanatic. I’ve heard the whole Ericsson Erlang story many times. I thought just maybe you’d been there long enough to have been around at that time. Then I would have a story to tell him :slight_smile: Actually, I went ahead and told him about you at tonight’s functional programming users’ group meeting. Erlang is very impressive.

FWIW - My brother worked in the high speed switching team – I believe it was fibre optic related.

@ mhectorgato -

what is his full name? I will ask if anyone knew him. I am in the fiber group.

Daniel Liebster