Request for Comments on a common repo for software

@ godefroi - You could well be right - I just don’t happen to think so at the moment and the arguments you’re making don’t fit with my own experiences, so I’m willing to call this a noble experiment and press on. I think there are collections of code out there that people want to donate for public use and maintenance, without needing to personally commit to managing that maintenance long-term.

Forking is one model for distributed maintenance on abandoned or under-maintained projects, but then you get lots of forks with individual development histories (fragmentation). The OpenSourceHub location will offer a well-known location and higher probability of ongoing maintenance because of the broader audience over the whole repo.

That’s just my opinion of course and I’m prepared to be wrong. This is an experiment and time will tell.

@ ianlee74 - I think what you are saying makes sense, but I’m not personally ready to go there yet, and I don’t think GHI is either. CodeShare is imperfect, but has been around for a long time and is stable and well-understood by the community. I’d prefer to see how OpenDeviceHub collection of repos evolves before advocating changes to CodeShare.

Sounds a great idea to me, if it becomes a place to find good working drivers and examples for whatever the current NETMF/SDK is at the time, with the ability to check out previous revisions or branches known to work with older releases.

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This common repo would also support apt-get or other packages

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