Replacement for 3.5" Touch Display Panel

Hello. I have a board that is based upon the older EMX module and uses a 40pin ribbon connector. It was designed to connect to this display:

As the display is no longer available, I’m wondering if the TE35 is compatible. Someone told me it was; however, the pin count is not the same? Any suggestions on where I can get a display to hook into my board without remaking the board?

Ideally, I’d love to switch over and use a Capacitive Touch display, but at this point, I’d settle with a compatible resistive touch display.

Thank you.

I did find these:

Assuming they are truly in stock, would the 4.3 or 7 inch be 100% compatible. If my design is obsolete… I guess I could at least enjoy the larger display.

@ Hayedid - These look like, and probably are, the “obsolete” GHI displays. I have the 3.5 and 7.0 models (bought directly from GHI), and they work great with the Cobra.

Yes. I believe these are the obsolete boards. My board was only designed (based upon the EMX module) in May of this year. Now that the boards are made… GHI no longer carries touch displays to work with the 40 pin connector? — that’s rather frustrating.

Does anyone know where I can get a display that will work with the old 40 pin connector? My board was designed based upon this display.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The diybin links don’t seem to work. I couldn’t checkout (it said there was no shopping cart installed on their site) — made me very wary of purching from them anyway… but I’m out a lot of money if I can’t hook up a touch screen to my board.

Anyone have an adapter? GHI… can you please answer on this one? GHI obsoleted the part… makes me uncomfortable to devolop using your hardware if 6 month obsolecence is going to be an issue.


sorry to hear the predicament (not sure I can help though). The 4.3" screen was (from memory) a Sharp 4.3" screen for a GPS and they were listed on ebay for about US$30, a few years ago. I can’t remember the part number but I could probably pull my Cobra apart and look if it would help you (sorry I don’t have 3.5" so certainly can’t help there)

One thing that might help was I just clicked on the diybin link and could add to cart, perhaps it was transient?

Hi Brett. I was able to add to my cart on diybin, but couldn’t checkout. Have you ever bought from them?


ah right. Nope, never heard of them before this so can’t give you any feedback there sorry.

I think the same screen is used in the T35 ( ) but not in the TE35. Do you also need the red GHI carrier board for the LCD, or do you directly connect the LCD to your board? How many do you need?

In essence you can use a lot of different displays, you’ll just need to have a conversion board. Because LCD pinning is not standarized.

Yes, you are right on this one, they should at least make a FEZ Cobra compatible adapter board for their current displays. As the FEZ Cobra was ment to be a reference board after all.

Have you guys try to contact us directly about your comercial needs? If not then please do so.

Hi Gus. I had called GHI and they referred me to this forum. I mentioned 6 month obsolescence in my earlier post, but in reality, my board was designed in April/May and it looks like the Display became obsolete around June. Can GHI please make an adapter board? This seems like a real need. FEZ Cobra has been out for a long time… and GHI seems to have completely abandoned the old 40 pin connector. For those of us who designed our boards using the connector, it creates a real issue.

Thank you.

The display and cobra (old one) are a combo and both are discontinued. Can you please explain your commercial needs for this? If you can’t buy neither the display or cobra then why do you need the adapter?

Of course we have the new cobra and the new display and they work together perfectly.

Because in April / May, as far as I know, there was no indication that the display panel were going to be obsoleted in June. Consequently, I had boards designed and produced using the old 40 pin connector. I’d even discussed with GHI basing the board on the Cobra design and there was never a word of warning mentioned that the design was going obsolete. Since I’ve never done a board design or had a board made before, it’s been an expensive, long, and stressful project. Unfortunately, I didn’t know during the process that GHI had obsoleted the display. Now I have boards made but no ability to hook up a display without some kind of an adapter being made.

Additionally, what about people who designed projects using the Cobra and have decided to upgrade them to use a display? It would be really kind of GHI to provide a bit more support to older projects rather to cause an abandonment of any hope for upgrades by completely obsoleting the displays with no upgrade path via an adapter.

Thank you.

Is it not usual practice, when you begin development of a commercial product, to insure you have your supply chain in place for the required components?

You have a product (not cobra) that has the connector on it and you want to connect the display, which is not available? I am not sure I understand.

Can you please answer this:

  1. How many GHI displays do you have now? 3.5 or 4.3?
  2. How many cobra (old version) do you have?
  3. Did you buy these from us directly or from where?
  4. Assuming we have the breakout board available, how many do you need?

I think there are a lot of assumptions in your post. If you used any of our products in a commercial product then we will always find a way to help you out. The problem here is in not understanding the issue.

By the way, GHI provided Embedded Master for a long time after it was “not recommended” and we supported it in software for even a longer time. We are very careful when it comes to discontinuing core products. The display is more of an accessory when compared to SoM like EMX/G120 for example but we are always available to find a solution.


  1. I have no (zero) displays now.
    2-3) I have three old cobra boards (not sure from where they came)

Additionally, I had my own board designed that was based upon cobra and used the 40 pin design for video

  1. I could get by with 2 or 3. I’m in the prototype stage, but it took several thousand dollars to get here. It looks like we will have to do some redesign on the video before going into production. I had 11 prototype PCBs made, but not all of them are assembled.

Anything GHI could do to help get a display working would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Mike, yes… if I were going into full scale production, I would have rechecked availability first. However, as I pointed out, when I began this project, GHI had been making and selling the displyas for quite some time and there was no indication of change. Also, as mentioned, I’ve never done this before.

@ Hayedid - Ping me an email as i would like to ask you a few questions justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

@ Hayedid - We should be able to make 4 for you. They will cost $250 for all 4. Please let us know if we should make them.

Thanks to everyone who replied. Justin was a great help and I’m finalizing an adapter board to send off for production. Assuming it works fine, I’ll post the files for anyone else who might need one.

Gus, thanks anyway. In my humble opinion, GHI dropped the ball on this one as they failed to provide support for people who developed using the prior version of their hardware. I understand that this is not a reflection on you personally as I know you are a very valued member of this user community and I, and many others, greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.