Replacement assembly for LQ043T1DG01


I saw the Sharp TFT-LCD LQ043T1DG01 used in a TinyCLR assembly (LCD + controller) is being discontinued. Will TinyCLR be offering a replacement assembly that is compatible with the EMX Module (not development system).

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To clarify: I’m like to know how much longer GHI will continue to make the “Color 4.3 inch Touch Display Panel” - Part #: TFTKIT43-241 or if a replacement will be offered.

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The 4.3" screen is on sale for half price. I would say that it will not be available for very long.

There have been some questions about a 4.3" screen for Gadgeteer but GHI has not said that it is on the list for future modules.

I suspect that there might be some new screen choices coming soon, but if you have a high volume need for a 4.3"
screen, I suggest your call GHI.