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".replace" command doesn't work for fez panda



I’m new at c# and the FEZ modules.
Now i am working on a project that reads out a string from a GPS. (NMEA-string)
The whole program is working, but when i want to ad a ‘.Replace’ command he gives
next error:

[quote]‘string’ does not contain a difinition for ‘Replace’ and no extension method ‘Replace’ accepting
a first argument of type ‘string’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly

A part of the code i’m using is:

Somebody who can help me?
Grtz Tubi


Well, it means your using an extension method that does not exist in NETMF. There are lots of other string operators so you can accomplish what your after with a bit more code. Also look over on Fezzer, i.e. the ‘Code’ link at the top of the screen as you may find someone has added an extension method for Replace.



i already found the “NetMf.CommonExtensions”

Thx btw

Grtz Tubi