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Renewing our commitment to NETMF!


@ Simon from Vilnius -
I agree with you and this is, for me, the main point for which the NETMF does not spread


That would have been great a year or two ago. Now I’m too skeptical about NETMF future.


That’s only relevant to ones alraedy on the NETMF train. Bugs may force to [em]leave[/em], but not jump onto. NETMF is bug-free enough to flash some LEDs…


I agree with you. But I am sure you will feel much better about it once we share what we have done… soon :whistle:


Valid point about Visual Studio being confusing and heavy. If VS Code could do it, then that would be best, since VS code is pretty platform independent and light weight. As a professional developer, I think VS Code is a bit light weight though.


I am using NETMF as an professional, for industrial grade products. used in 24/7 Environments for data Collection, measurement Tasks, as Hand Held devices and as Support Units for PC based Equipment.
The professonal Debugging possibilities, high Quality SoM’s, quick release cycles, IFU, … and the shared Code between out Windows and NEMF Solutions makes this possible.
Wa also use bare mettal CPU’s programmed in C (from atmel for example). But These are more for simple Tasks where we do not Need such a big flexibility. These devices are more single purpose devices.


@ Reinhard Ostermeier -

I did not say that this is not possible. Also I have done some things with the FEZ Cobra in the professional field, but I also realize that the business world does not revolve with NETMF!!

@ Mr. John Smith
visual studio code would be perfect


I really like the idea to bring NETMF to the next level.

But I think the most important thing is performance or even Real Time features.

I like the Idea of Llilum. I hope to get this technologie for NETMF vnext:


Visual Studio is my favorite IDE by far, out of dozens.

However, going from “VS 2015” to “VS 15” is going to confuse some people. Why did they do that? Lol

Also, does anyone else get -anything- from ?

All I get is a blank page - but maybe it is blocked at work. It is supposed to be the official .netmf page.


@ mtylerjr - VS15 means VS V15.x, wher VS 2015 is VS V14.x.
The only matching one was actually VS2013 = VS V13.x

So VS15 will get ist 20xx no just before release I guess.
VS2017 is my bet.


@ mtylerjr - VS 15 isn’t Visual Studio 2015. Visual Studio 2015 is “VS 14”, a.k.a. “Visual Studio version 14.0.25431.01”. Visual Studio 15 is in CTP, and will likely be called Visual Studio 2017 when it’s released.

Edit: What @ Reinhard Ostermeier said.


MTylerJr knows that VS15 and VS2015 are not the same. His point was just the coincidence of the similarity in those numbers and the irony that at the moment the released version is VS2015, and the new unreleased version is “15” - and as @ Reinhard noted, eventually it’ll get a year number assigned and the confusion will die down


Really?!?!, I can’t help feeling that .netmf is slowly dying and with the way GHI has been dropping their products like it’s hot. I’m kinda scare to commit any commercial project to any GHI products and .netmf. I’ve been using GHI products since 2009 to built many commercial prototypes quickly and efficiently, I love their products and .netmf. Most of the prototypes got the green light for final production. However, it is always at that moment that I’ve always decided to built the final products on another platform such as ARM or PIC. I get this weird feeling that for some odd reason, GHI is going to drop the platform I’m using. So now I got this new project in its final stage, final prototyping and it has passed all kind of tests and is ready for production. I was finally going to let this project reach its production with .netmf and GHI G120 SoM, but then I see this news. I know that GHI is doing their best and after all it’s a business and it should function as such. However, whatever it is that GHI is doing in the near future with .netmf, I hope NETMF and their products has a much longer lifespan and supports. Below are the images of the current project I want to push to final production with GHI product.


@ hunghp - I think you have misunderstood the post. Your product looks interesting, what’s the functionality?


@ hunghp, I agree, it seems you’ve seen this as a negative announcement, but it isn’t. GHI are committing to NETMF now and in the future, so I feel strongly that you’ll continue to get the support you need. And if you’re concerned about commercial support, you can reach out to the GHI team and they’ll be able to talk more about this I’m sure - I believe they have many other commercial customers who also have similar demand for their products so will be able to talk to the lifecycle of G120


@ Brett - You wrote "GHI are committing to NETMF now and in the future"
On which basis are you writing that? You had said the same one year ago, about Gadgeteer and we all know the story.
In my opinion, GHI has to define itself as a hardware or a software company, I seriously doubt they may be both. Even companies with large amount of available cash and lot of manpower have miserably failed attempting to do so.
For the hardware, I am confident, they have top equipment. For the software, I am not sure, to say the least, and the long delay between releases, no patches available if bugs are discovered is somewhat troubling. MS has already released 5 beta versions of VS2017 and GHI is yet stuck with VS2013 and BTW NetMF 4.3. We had one tool (Visual Studio) and one OS (Windows) and now GHI is performing an U-turn toward Linux, with countless savors and compilers, and the return more than 30 years back with cryptic command lines! With all these variants, the support may well become a nightmare.


@ SouthernStars - this is the whole point here. You are using VS2013 and that is not okay. We couldn’t fix this in the past because we have to rely on what Microsoft provides for netmf. But with post, we explained how we no longer wait.

As far as hardware longevity, our SoMs have been around for years and we are always careful to have a compatible future update. For example embedded master to emx to g120e. That is over 10 years of commitment.

Gadgeteer is nice but it is an accessory to our core commercial products.

Still, like I said many times, give it a bit of time and you will see what this GHI commitment mean to you or give us a call and we should happily explain.


@ hunghp - see my previous reply please.


@ SouthernStars - just that this is an entirely positive message from GHI that says they will take the lead on more things in the future and not “wait”. As Gus said, many of the constraints the current GHI SDK has are related to the bits they leverage that they haven’t had control over, so we can expect to see them move forward now.


@ Brett - you wrote "so we can expect …"
Yes, ‘expect’ is the keyword, but for now two months, we did not see any roadmap from GHI, and I wonder if the “core commercial customers” appreciate to navigate in the fog.