Remove unused references

Does anyone knows how you can easily remove unused references in a .NET project?

right click it under References , and select delete? :slight_smile:

Hehe, that’s how I do it now, I delete them all and then re-add the ones I need. Isn’t there a smarter solution that detects unused references? (like you would clean up using statements)

Resharper does that… not free, but it pays for itself in a few days of coding. It’s got all kinds of goodies. ReSharper: The Visual Studio Extension for .NET Developers by JetBrains

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Try Reference assistant

Does what you need.


I think we should buy resharper at work. At home I’ll try reference assistant. Thanks both!

I don’t like ReSharper. I think it’s a crutch. Real programmers use instructions as memory addresses: The Story of Mel

Now, get off my lawn.

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@ godefroi - lol

Did you succeed to install it on a VS2010 C# express edition? I didn’t succeed yet