Remove GHI debug info

Is possible disable boot debug info?
I don’t want that during boot show to user any info like this:
Debug USB1
LCD 480x272
IP: 192.168…
MAC 00.01…
Managed heap size: 59768832
Custom heap size: 1048576

If methode for disable this on Cobra and ChipworkX is different please post code for both modules.

Yes possible but I do not remember the method name. It is a good idea ot go through all these to see what else is available.

hi GUS Im already search in documentation and didn’t find it :slight_smile: What is right name for this infos?

In Configuration.LCD class


How Im stupid :slight_smile:
Im try:

Configuration.LCD.Configurations lcdConfig = new Configuration.LCD.Configurations();

Also Im check LCD.Configurations in documentation and miss it…
Better that I go sleep for few hours and continue tomorrow :slight_smile:
Thanks for help.