Remaining in Tinybooter Mode

Sometimes my chipworkx board remains in Tinybooter Mode and the application will start at least after 30 seconds or never. Restarting doesn’t help in this case.
If such an error occurs I have to update the board again to eliminate this error.
What could be possible reasons for such a status?

  1. the buttons are pressed
  2. the “loader” flag was set while you are going back and forth updating network info. you can clear it using mfdeploy, “clear loader flag” IIRC

Thank you for your prompt reply.

  1. Is it necessary to pull down or pull up the pins of the tinybooter buttons, when I’d like to create my own “devkit”? Or is ist ok, if they are floating?
  2. Could this only happen with MFDeploy? Or also while setting it via code?
    Is there a way to clear it automatically?
  1. your design must follow the development kit schematics. Please check for these and other connections
  2. only mfdeploy

It seems that the BootLoader Flag could also be set in another way, than changing the network settings with MFDeploy, because I was just testing my USB client on the Chipworkx and after restarting (power off, power on) BootLoader Flag was set and I had to clear it with MFDeploy. During the restart I was connected with MFDeploy, but no network settings or somethin else.
What could be the reason for that?