Reload Pyxis2 in the hardware


this is a another newbie question:

I just updated my FEZ Cobra to the firmware. I want to reload Pyxis2 in the hardware to execute a pxe application as before.

Each time I compile and send Pyxis2 to hardware, the screen always displays the EMX boot text (Waiting for debug commands).

Target is set to USB/EMX_EMX.

The Pyxis2 works fine with the emulator.

What should I do?

Thank you for your help.

Pyxis2 s still in beta. I do not think a working sample has been posted publicly just yet…

Beta 1 wasn’t tested w/ the latest firmware. Not sure where the error might be there but as I said on your other post I’m trying to get Beta 2 out this week.

ok I finally made it work after all libraries have been updated and this line removed :

if (SystemInfo.SystemID.SKU != 3) TouchCollectorConfiguration.TouchMoveFrequency = 5;

in controller.cs.

@ Cugel

Removing that line is perfectly safe; the new beta doesn’t even use it.