Releasing the NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 SDK!

The long-awaited-for NETMF 4.3 release from GHI Electronics is finally here. We did not just switch to 4.3 but we have made some major changes that should simplify the use of GHI NETMF devices, for newcomers and for experts alike. For starters, there is no “premium” and “OSHW” libraries anymore. All libraries are now simply “GHI” libraries. They run across all devices, no matter what features are included

This release is highly recommended for everyone, unless a product is already released and locked with earlier versions. There will be no improvements or bug fixes made on the discontinued NETMF 4.2; however, NETMF 4.2 is still included in this SDK, along with NETMF 4.3. This should make it easier to transition to the new release.

Secondly, the software for Cerb-family devices is no longer open source. This was done to provide for better support and quality on these smaller and lower power devices. Users in need for open source can use the NETMF 4.2 sources or use the STM32 release found in the porting kit.

As a supporter of open source hardware (OSHW), we are keeping the FEZ Hydra open source with a new low price of $24.95! This at-near-cost price is a thank you from GHI to anyone interested in being part of the internal NETMF development efforts.

Documentation, documentation… we know that many of you, and sometimes even us, were lost between NETMF and Gadgeteer, between 4.2 and 4.3, between premium and OSHW! The new NETMF 4.3 is reorganized as explained earlier and we have rewrote the NETMF documentation to be directly related to this new clean release. All needed docs can be found under the NETMF tag,

Unfortunately, not all features have made it to the current SDK. Features like PPP and USB Host on the Cerb-family will have to be added in upcoming releases. On the bright side, all other features are stable. We would like to say “Thank You” to our great community for helping us in testing the earlier beta releases!

As always, the NETMF support page has everything needed, .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics


No more Betas?.. 4.2 discontinued?.. No… This isn’t going to end well…

And what about Cerberus and its licensing?


Just to clarify: is ppp working and tested on g120?

Reading the announcement

" Features like PPP and USB Host on the Cerb-family will have to be added in upcoming releases."

I assume that PPP is not supported.


Only a little annoyed it arrived the day before I go on holiday and I have to wait to actually test it out.

@ simon where did they say there would be no more beta’s?

In the release notes it says [quote]Added the FEZ Spider II mainboard.[/quote]
are we non insiders ever going to see this mythical board?

the release notes reads

-Added the FEZ Spider II mainboard.

where is the board ? :slight_smile:

The installer, like the previous (R3), removes MF SDK 4.2 from disk :wall:

great minds think alike :smiley:

Good news.

It seems to me that the catalog needs several updates to reflect this new reality. Do you want us to mention products and parts of the website that need attention? Where is the best place to send those kind of comments?

@ Blue Hair Bob - do you have an example?

Sure, simple things:

On the first paragraph says
“The FEZ Hydra is a 100% open-source (hardware and software)”
It isn’t open source software any more right?

The specifications for the HYDRA say that it has a D socket, but no H socket. Was this a hardware limitation, or does using the current software mean that the D socket can be used as an H socket? Does the Hydra now support USB Host? Maybe it still doesn’t, just checking.

Was it software or hardware that kept In Field Update from being available on some boards?

Are there still 2 firmware files (with and without Ethernet) shipped with the Hydra?

The dev guide for eh Hydra says:

[quote]As FEZ Hydra has been released as open source and hardware some of the features found in other GHI Electronics’ products are not available. The following are not supported:

[ul]SPI and Parallel display configuration
Application Protection
USB MassStorage
Flushing Extended Weak References
Non-blocking Signal Generator
Play PCM audio
Bitmap convert to file
RLP ELF file parsing
RTC Alarm
Ethernet Oscillator power state
InField Update
Startup Logo
WiFi RS9110[/ul]
The above list describes the API differences for “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2” and subsequent GHI SDKs. Older SDKs have differing APIs.[/quote]

Is all of that still true?
Catalog specs say that USB Client is debugging only, is that still true?

These are all little things and I don’t know if maybe most of them are fine the way they are. I was just thinking that certainly there is that one little bit in the description that says it is open source software and a few bits that seem to indicate that some of the feature restrictions were due to software as well.

@ Blue Hair Bob - that is all true. As mentioned in the announcement, hydra is still all open source.

What that means is that 4.2 is now at the end of it’s development cycle - it’s still able to be used but no new features/ bug fixes / development will be made on the 4./2 firmwares.

Correct and we even include it in this same sdk :slight_smile:

But, I thought it now used the same libraries that used to be premium. What software is Open Source on the Hydra? i am sure you are right, I just misunderstood. I thought the whole point was that there was no more open source software versions and all features were the same from a software perspective.

I think this is what I don’t understand. If there is no OSHW library, how is the Hydra open source software? Doesn’t it get new capabilities from the new GHI libraries?

@ Blue Hair Bob - it includes the code for some of the libraries, not all. It is all open source but limited to the vanilla netmf with some added ghi libraries.

Thanks Gus.