Releasing the G120E SoM and a new price on the G120

We are excited to announce that the G120E System on Module is now available for immediate purchase! We would also like to note that the G120E SoM has passed CE and FCC certification.

As we continue to focus and clean up our offerings, we are also revisiting our manufacturing for a leaner process and a higher quality. Unfortunately, the G120 SoM price will change to $35.95 @ 100. We will continue to honor the old price for any volume orders coming before the end of July 2015.

As far as the G120E Development Board, we have the final version in testing and will be going to production soon with expected availability in August 2015. Please check it out in the catalog to see details and images.

G120 SoM:
G120E SoM:
G120E Development Board:


I love this G120E Development Board :slight_smile:

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It’s very sad… :cry:

Ok, so EMX is finally going away. Maybe I missed it, but I assume G120E is a drop-in replacement for it?

@ Simon from Vilnius - correct

and what was the old price ? any changes on quantity < 100 ?

@ Rajesh - the discount was and still is at 100pcs minimum.

@ Gary - Are you planning on a Gadgeteer hat for the development board??

Or is Gadgeteer going away in silence?

Similar question was asked recently and the official answer was “no, it is not going away”.

I have 4 new gadgeteer products on my desk. :wink:

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:slight_smile: I see it from here

1 main board and 3 modules eh ?

No all mainboards. Modules are a lot more than 8)

And if I keep answering your questions I will not have time to finish the announcement :slight_smile:

@ Gus - where can i get the schematic for g120e or development board?

@ anthonys - You won’t get schematics for G120E. Not sure about development board though.

@ anthonys - the schematics for all development boards will be posted this week.

@ Gus - look forward to it. Trying to understand what you mean by the board has PHY on it? Does this mean the enc chip is on the g120e?

@ anthonys - no. It uses the built in mac. This gives you much better performance and 100 base. Enc28 is base 10 and users spi bus.

@ Gus - So then all need are the magnetics? The actual RJ45 socket?

@ andre.m - So one like that.

Since we’re on this topic: About how long can the cable for that J11D module be? Are we talking 16 feet?

@ andre.m - yes, being serious.