Released the magic smoke at last

…and bad timing it was, since it likely means that I won’t be able to show off a robot at MADExpo.

Was working on my Rover 5 with the Omnidirectional wheels, and wasn’t able to get two of the L298 modules working at once, so I swapped out for a couple of prototype motor modules I got from someone internally. I had the motors working nearly perfectly when all of a sudden, POOF! A small puff of smoke and one motor stopped turning, and the remaining motors kept turning even after I pulled the plug on the mainboard.


There’s still a possibility that I might be able to get the L298 modules working, as Gus suggested just using straight PWM, bypassing the driver.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later, and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to burn something out. Just wish I knew if it was something I did that caused it, or just a bad part.

:frowning: I guess you could make a rover that just runs in circles using one motor :wink:

</taps on bugle>

Heh. Actually, 3 motors are still working (actually, I think the motors are fine, it’s the drivers that are toast, I believe). But that wouldn’t have quite the effect I was looking for with the omnidirectional wheels.