RelayX1 Module Recall

It has been recently discovered that the RelayX1 Module (part number RLYX1-GM-464) does not provide enough clearance around the high voltage lines. It should not be used with 240V. It is safe to use with lower voltages, under 50V for example. We have redesigned the module to meet the required standards for the module to handle 240V.

However, at this time we are asking that everyone who has purchased the RelayX1 Module either directly through GHI Electronics or through an authorized distributor to contact us at the following email address, recall@ For the recall you have the option of receiving the replacement module or a store credit. If you are located in the USA your store credit is $10 USD and if you are located outside of the USA your store credit is $15 USD.

When emailing us please include your name, shipping address, order number and if you ordered through a distributor, please indicate which distributor you used. In the email please indicate if you would like to receive the replacement module or the store credit.

Please do not ship the module back to us. We ask that you dispose of the module as part of this recall.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Please direct all questions regarding this notice to recall@ or this forum thread. Thank you for your continued support.


A huge THANK YOU to @ iamin for discovering this issue. Please show your support and high five him, or +1 for his discovery

By the way, the fixed relay will be version 2.x. Any relay version 1.x should not be used.

Got a mail from Mouser today. Handled without any issues. Letter from Gus attached.
EDIT: Or Gary? Not sure now.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - The letter says pretty much the same thing as the news post

@ Gary Exaclty :slight_smile: The whole It’s very simple to handle. Thanks.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - If anything comes up please let us know.

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@ Gary - No worries, if anything goes wrong, I let you know about it.

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Does this affect the 16 relay module?

@ wbsimms - nope just the RelayX1

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When can we expect a response to our emails?

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@ ransomhall - We are just about done testing, as soon as we are done and we have all the answers.

My recall email with coupon code said something like “Gary threatened to kill me if I didn’t get this to you right away…” There was no first name, just signed “Recall Team”.

Nice management technique ;D

When can we expect the new relay module to be for sale generally?

@ ransomhall - That information wasn’t for the public! :whistle:

We are still testing, as soon as we are done testing, we can estimate the time-to-market.

I like the discipline at GHI team :wink:

Jeez… If you are testing [em]a relay module[/em] for so long, when will you release a new SDK then?! :slight_smile:

@ iamin - I lead by example! 8)

Here is a picture of Aron testing the new relay using a Spider.


@ Simon from Vilnius - I just added you to the “list” ;D

@ Gary - Clever! Way to save some money on the office cleaning staff…

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Naked hanging high-voltage wires, that is absolutely cool. A true engineer’s spirit. We also do that all the time; one enginner is so passionate about it that he gets a nice electric arc from time to time, hanging 5 cm above his balls. So sweet. With a fresh adrenalin dose, the rest of the day just flies through in a blink.