RelayISOx16/FlashFileSystem and Hydra

Just got my set of hardware in. Have FlashFileSystem connected to 3, RelayISOx16 to 4. Uploaded my project and when it starts up, I get an exception on new GTM.GHIElectronics.RelayISOx16(4).

I tried moving to another Y port, but apparently it refuses to be in anything but an S port.

So I swapped my FlashFileSystem(4) and RelayISOx16(3). Now I get an error with creating FlashFileSystem, so I either have an issue where I can’t have two S’s or there’s something wrong with my #4 port on my new hardware.

Why am I not able to put RelayISOx16 on a different Y port to test which issue it might be?

I think the team have moved the Relay module to use an S socket in the latest driver, due to an issue; but I can’t be sure. Have a search here for a recent thread; I’ll look for it too.

We are investigating is relevant…

My GadgeteerHardware.xml has TypesLabel=“Y” but S. That post talks about setting TypesLabel to Y, nothing about Type.

I went ahead and edited the xml file and changed the Type to Y, moved it to socket 7 and have my flash board on 3, seems to work great now!

That is correct. This was an issue that was recently brought up and will be corrected in the next SDK. In the meantime, your fix is the correct fix. The XML file should look like this:

        <Socket Left="70" Top="49" Orientation="180" ConstructorOrder="1" TypesLabel="Y">
            <Pin Shared="false">3</Pin>
            <Pin Shared="false">4</Pin>
            <Pin Shared="false">5</Pin>
            <Pin Shared="true">7</Pin>
            <Pin Shared="true">8</Pin>
            <Pin Shared="true">9</Pin>

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