Relay x16 Board retired?

is the Relay x16 Board really retired?

I was going to buy one this week :(…

If can’t buy it anymore, where i can get something similar with 8 - 16 relays?

We will have a replacement soon. Cheapper option


details? :wink: How much channels? it will be controlled the same way as the x16 board? :wink:

What fez are you using?

Fez panda II, and it just arrived this afternoon

This is not a GHI product, you can buy it here INEXGLOBAL

GHI’s better replacement is about 4 weeks aways

If it is cheaper and better i can wait…there isnt some info on this new design? :slight_smile:

I’ll start playing with the one relay eblock i got in the meantime

expecting!!!..ready to buy…

We may have couple left in our stock. Contact GHI directly if you want one.


Are there any news on the replacement of the zx16 Relay Board? When will the better/cheaper Version be available?

It is

Not that this is made fro gadgeteer but you can wire it to anything else.

Oh okay i thought there will be another Board with 16 Relays, ok then i think i have to keep on building it on my own :wink: