Relay X1 circuit

Hi guys! I want to control the 220v circuit using Relay X1 module and Cerbuino bee. I want to turn on/off the bulb. I need help. how to correctly connect the circuit? Relay has Normally Open, Common, and Normally Closed terminals, bulb connected to the wall socket 220v. What should i do to control the bulb?

@ Alex Bilityuk - If I were you, I would try to avoid doing that. It is easy, but so many things can go wrong when you don’t have enough knowledge.


Thank you iamin, that is what i am looking for. I understand the high voltage is dangerous and will be very attentive.

@ Alex Bilityuk -

I have done this and is FAR SAFER…

Get something like this:

Not pushing any brand … Just a general link of what I am talking about.

Then just hack the Remote.

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