Relay Module

Hi all
anione know if is possible to use the new Relay Module (Part #: GHI-SS-RELAY-GM-327)
with Panda?

many thanks



Assuming that there is not a power issue with the Panda, you should be able to cut off one end of the module cable, and connect it to the Panda.

You could also plug the Relay module into an EBlock Module, and connect the EBlock Module to a Component shield on the Panda with JST cables.

A new product coming out next week will help in this :slight_smile: do not cut any wired yet.

Gadgeteer socket shield for the Arduino form factor? :wink:

i think it is more of a new relay eblock for the panda…I hope…

waitting tooo :wink:

This is already available

The Relay module mentioned in the first post, GHI-SS-RELAY-GM-327, can I use this to turn lights on and off? ie. a form of simple home automation?


Yes of course but you should only do this if you know what you are doing. Touching 110v or 220 is no joke :slight_smile:

Oh for sure Gus!

I’m ok with that stuff, just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fry the gadgeteer h/w :slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt response!

Can someone send a photo of using relay to turn on/off a light on 127v or 220v?

I´m not good with wire…

Do not go off photos please. You need to read plenty and understand what you are doing. High voltage is no joke

OK, but to understand all eletronic, it´s necessary to make a techical curse in Brazil, and it´s demand three years! And, i would like to see a application of raley in operation…

To undersand the stuffs, i like to see in operation, in general, then later, to study the details…

But, if anybody post a application with a lamp 9v, it´s fine to me.

Have you googled the web for relay tutorials? All relays work the same.

you seem to have discontinued part #: GHI-SS-RELAY-GM-327,can you tell me where I can get the all of the necessary files including the Eagle files , in order to have this part manufactured for me.

Thank You


Yes, I have seen them and I am using them on another project. For this project I need to 4 Relay Part # GHI-SS-RELAY-GM-327

Thank you,

Dfrobot has one that is a replacement for that one


Yes, I have seen this one also, Problem is I had a mould made for making boxes and the spot for the relay board on the box is not the same size as this card.
I tried getting the eagle file from at
Which is the exact card I need but there Eagle file is corrupt.
Also I will need about 100-200 cards.


@ rcavazos45

This link may help you to get the Eagle files that you seek:

The schematics I downloaded show it is 1.2 but the one you have may be 1.0. Just make sure the sizes are the same.


Thanks for your help, it came in real handy. I appreciate it.
I got it now.



The only Eagle file I have been able to download is 

Version 1.2 but the Schematic that comes with it is Version 1.1.
If they are different could you send my a copy of
Your Eagle file Version 1.2 and Schematic 1.2.
I have PCB and PCBA ready to go and they found this difference.

Thank You