Relay 1x module how to use it?

I’m searching for the assemblies to include a recently bought Relay 1x (

I Can’t find it (in the toolbox of visual studio or as a class inside an assembly)
The “developers guide” only shows a method: SetRelayState but no hints on the class, namespace, etc…

I imagine that opening a relay shoud be easy and similar to lighting a led.

From other examples, I’ve written this code, and I’m asking to more experienced users if this implementation is correct to open the relay for a 500ms, connected to a socket num. 3 in a Fez Hydra (Socket type S and Y). The schematics shows that pin 5 is the one conected to the relay.

dim socket As Gadgeteer.Socket
dim relay_control As GT.Interfaces.DigitalOutput
socket = GT.Socket.GetSocket(3, True, Nothing, "Relay")
relay_control = New Gadgeteer.Interfaces.DigitalOutput(socket, Gadgeteer.Socket.Pin.Five, False, Nothing)

Thanks for the interest.

Did you look at this:

Yes, I’ve looked at.

That’s why I’m posting.
Which is the class of relay object?
The relay does not show in project’s toolbox, so I can’t use it in ProgramStarted() sub.

Also I’m planning to write my own class, so l’d like to know if the code is correct for openning the relay, or what referece should I add to get the relay’s class.

Take a look at:

That’s the post with the answer!!, many thanks!

Even though I searched the forum relay 1x many times I did’nt find that post, (it’s not on the first five page of results, about first 100 results).

The search “relay 1x” don’t return the post (althought this words appear on the subject!!!)

Can you tell me how do you searched for the answer?(It’s frustrating not being able to find the answer by myself!!!).

“Relay 1x driver”

also take a look at: