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Recording using the Music module



I am trying to get recording working with the

custom music module (I am using it for the play back as well)

I am basically just trying to get the sample code working from the developers’ guide.

using (FileStream recordingFile = sdCard.GetStorageDevice().OpenWrite(@ "\recorded.ogg"))
                    music.RecordOggVorbis(recordingFile, Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.Music.patch_ogg);

                    Debug.Print("Waiting for the module to be ready");

                    while (music._isReadyRecord) ;

                    Debug.Print("Starting recording...");

                    Thread.Sleep(30 * 1000);


                    // Wait until recording is done
                    while (music.IsBusy)

                    Debug.Print("Recoding is done.");

But the custom class does not contain the definition for patch_ogg and music._isReadyRecord

Is there an alternative way to do this using this custom class ?

By the way I did try to use the standard music class to record, but all I got recorded was around 5 seconds of noise even though i set it to record for 30 seconds. Could this be encoder issue?

thanks for help in advance.