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Recommendations for 3G PPP modem?


Can anyone recommend a 3G PPP modem for use with Cobra? Also where are some options to buy online?

Are there any catches to look out for?



GHI have a Wiki page here…

Most of the work has been done…

Cheers Ian


Telit modem in that project is a good option but it is not 3G.
Buy any modem shoucl work fine as lon as it uses serial port as an interface.

3G modems are pretty expensive. Why don’t just use a regular GPRS modem?


Good point Joe, GPRS will do the job well. Do you happen to know where a board like in the microprojects example can be bought from? I found the chip, but nothing assembled like that. Also couldn’t find anything in GHI / TinyClr site carts?

Thanks for your help.


Here’s the list of some GPRS and eval board


If your needs are simple you may be able to get off cheap:


has anyone ever attempted to use a 3g USB dongle as a modem with the micro framework?