Recommen a power supply

I am about to restock my power supplies. I have been using these but I am not really happy with them. The housings come apart too easily so I have several that are taped together. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation.

What voltage and current do you need? Same as the Sparkfun unit? Those are cheap and nasty.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I think the power is ok for me but I have a Raptor with a Newhaven 480X600 Capacitive touch screen that may be pushing the supply. The housings have come off a couple of these units when I unplug them. I can tape them back together but I have several of these at work and more at home. Maybe I should just pre-tape them and not worry about it. Anyway, I was just interested in what others were using.

I don’t know what options are available in your area, but I’d suggest going with a higher capacity power supply, particularly if you have a screen-based device (as they’re much more hungry). Perhaps even something like is a better option?

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+1 to that. I don’t usually buy anything less than 2A. If this project doesn’t need it, the next one probably will. They’re usually only a few dollars more.

@ Brett - thanks for the advice. I am going to get a power supply with a bit more power out. I am thinking I will give these a try: Wall Adapter Power Supply 12VDC 1A (American Standard)-DFRobot

If I use these I will limit my power adapters to the USB Client DP Module and not the EDP.

If you want reliability and prepared to pay more, these CUI ones are ideal. I’ve used a number of CUI power supplies and they have been very reliable.

There are more than double the DFRobot price but you get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

@ Bill_Wyo - Since were on the subject. [url][/url]

I was going to get one of these a few months back but as I already purchase a new scope, I went for a cheaper unit but still with current limiting etc. A decent bench supply is well worth the cost as the current limiting will save your boards is there is a fault. :slight_smile:

First impressions review by Aussie Dave here of the DP832

@ Dave McLaughlin - Thank you Dave. I will give CUI a try.

@ cyberh0me - Interesting, I have one of those that I am powering 12v lights in my landscape.