Reboot Failure

Today I encountered an interesting failure during app deployment reboot (image attached).
I was able to get back to work (yeh; work - that’s a good one! :P) by hitting my reset button.

BTW; for those who aren’t solder-worthy, a small header that could accommodate an external reset switch would be a friendly thing to add to teh mainboards…

Interesting enclosure. What is it?

As for the error. First time I see it.

This shouldn’t happen. You will probably not see it in future. Make sure you have a reliable power source.

I will let you in on a secret. Connect the button to Z socket and it becomes a reset button :slight_smile:

@ Architect - it’s just a $10 project enclosure from my local electronics house (Vetco in Bellevue, WA). I added the hinges and latch. I’ll be posting my efforts soonish (still working out the kinks in the WiFi scanner app)

@ Gus

  • power; I’m running on a powered hub, since I have noticed “intermittent” behavior when running directly from a USB port.
  • Z socket; apparently, I can read the schematic to answer other folks’ needs but not for my own use… :slight_smile: