Realtime Sound/Color Organ?

I have a FEZ Music Shield and Panda II remaining from the project I took to burningman. I also have a 8x SSR board that takes simple TTL 5v+ to run.

I’m trying to think of a way to pipe music into the Fez Music Shield, then run that through a filter that would trigger certain relays on/off.

I am not a coder by any means, but just wanted to see how I should approach the idea.
Do I use an LCD display that has been turned into a 8 bar equaliser and set trigger points with buttons?
Would I be able to analyse the audio stream and output it at the same time?

Ideal uses would be live DJ audio for local shows with non DMX par cans/lighting, christmas or holiday decoration.

Any input is appreciated!

FEZ music shield is VLSI 1053 mp3 chip with all the electronics it needs.

VLSI has writen plugins for those chips. One of them is spectrum analyser It’s basicaly an array with the “bar equalizer” values. You can take those.

This plugin will run on music shield, so your panda can write stream to shield and process values from “equalizer” thing and turn relays on and off.

Thanks so much for the feedback! That is exactly what I was looking for.

The list of plugins are amazing! If this is on the tinyclr or ghi electronics site, how did i miss it, and if it isn’t…well why the heck not? (that last part is rhetorical and not directed at you Rimvus.)