Real time clock

I have a Domino, and I am looking to put in a real time clock, using it’s own battery power.
Any suggestions?

Also if someone has done this, do you have a code sample of how you implemented?

The Domino has a build-in RTC, you just have to connect a 3.3V coin cell and set the time.

DateTime dt = new DateTime(your date here);

This all is described on page 103 of the Beginners Guide to NETMF [url][/url]


Thx. I missed that, since I am focussing on a particular application conversion from PC to Micro Framework.

This is the only thread that I have seen yet that comes close to my question, I have built a clock. I have it working fine, connected up to my LCD and it looks grand. But I am looking for a way for the Domino to get time from an outside source, preferably my PC. I would also like for it to get the information the same way it normally gets it, through the USB port.

Is there a way to get this information from my PC, or barring that, any other outside source?

If you have it connected to your network you could pull it from a time server or the net.

You can write a pc program to get
Domino all info it need. And it will do that using USB

Hey Gus, can you point me in a direction so I can learn how to do this? I have never programmed for USB and any useful finger pointing would be appreciated.

Take a look at USB_CDC class

Adding to what Architect said, If you can use it using a serial port then you can use it using USB. We did all the hard work so it is easy for you.

This is a good tutorial for someone to make I guess. Maybe I should make it

Well FezTerm might be all you really need in a project - although it’s intent is to give you debugging as well, but that’s somewhat unnecessary in your case since you know it’s working.