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Ready for $500 get a free FEZ Cobra?


*** The due date was extended to July 14th ***

So here is another opportunity to be one of the first people to see FEZ Cobra. Win this $500 coupon and we will ship you anything you like from our website. Use it towards FEZ Cobra and you will be guaranteed that you will be one of the first to receive a FEZ Cobra.

So ready for your $500 coupon?

The contest is:
The best and coolest project to go on the new wiki get a free FEZ Cobra. The due date is Monday July 14th. On that day, the whole FEZ team will vote for the best project and if it is yours we will simply ship you FEZ Cobra for free.

Points to make your projects win:

  1. Do not be afraid to use images for demonstration
  2. Make a cool video and add the video to your wiki
  3. Keep your code clean and commented
  4. Show how FEZ helped you in achieving your project
  5. Show how other devices, like BS2/Arduino couldn’t have helped you as much as FEZ did

Where is the Wiki?
(link removed)

How can you use the coupon?
Simple! You will tell us what you need, up to $500 (including shipping) and we will ship it to you. This coupon can only be used once, for one order and it must be used before August 14th. You have 30 day to make up your mind on what you want :wink:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

Update: In case this is not clear above, the $500 coupon can be used toward any products on You are free to pick and choose as long as the total cost + shipping is less than or equal to $500. The coupon can only be used on one order. FEZ Cobra, will be one of the standard products so this is one of your options.

Important note: You can’t use FEZ Cobra to enter the contest. It is still not publicly available to every one so it will be not fair to the community.


What is a FEZ Cobra?


FEZ Cobra is the mother-ship of all FEZes! It is not out yet and will not be out for few months. No public info are not available on the new board but I can tell you this…it will have much to offer, more RAM, more FLASH, more IOs, more features… :wink:


Can you tell us how much it will cost?

I have an eat project in mind, but unfortunately, I need a fully working Ethernet driver before I can start…


No price is set yet but probably double what Domino costs


When I try to edit the menu I am getting:
You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:
This page provides interface text for the software, and is locked to prevent abuse.

You can view and copy the source of this page:


I see. This is only allowed for admins.
Make a new page for your project and make a link to it from the contest page


Howe should I post my code on the wiki? Are there tags that I can use?

Also, are we allowed multiple projects?


Multiple projects will give you better chances of winning :wink:

I think our web expert had added some tags for code but I do not know how to use them. You can start uploading now and then we can add the code tags later. What is nice about wiki is that one can post something and others can fix it up :slight_smile:


What happened to the project page?

I am determined to win this. If I do win, I’ll be giving a FEZ to one of my EE friends who is learning how to program.

At this time, I am just going to link my source code, which is hosted on my website. My project code is way too big to post inline on the wiki. Pictures and video coming soon.


Chris, Your page removal caused us many problems in the wiki that we are trying to fix now. Please be careful next time


Uh, I didn’t remove any pages… I asked you guys if you could remove a page that had sensitive information on it. That’s why I wanted the admin email in the other thread.

Sorry for the issues :frowning: If I had known, I would have never asked and just let the edit sink into the distance.


Yes I know but deleting the history is what got wiki unhappy and we had to do much extra work to put it back. In future, we will not do any changes on our end. Users must be careful with what go on a public wiki :slight_smile:



Do you plan to start another contest a bit later??? I’have some good ideas but still waiting for the components to arrive…


We gave everyone 4 weeks but if that is not enough we can extend that a bit more.

What do you think Chris?


as I said I don’t have all the equipment yet then thanks but don’t bother changing the deadline for this contest. I don’t even know how long is going to take me to do my project (sure more than 4 weeks :wink: ). It was just to know if you plan to organise another contest later this year. Beside the price having a challenge is always motivating.


Yeah, I was wondering what was going to happen if the deadline passed with me as the only entry. LOL.

It really surprises me that I’m the only guy around. It seems like there are plenty of FEZes around in the wild now…


FEZ was born very recently. There are plenty of FEZes out there but users need time to learn this new awesome technology. I think we should extend the deadline…let me bring this up to our management.


Hey Chris,
I’d give you competition, but it wouldn’t matter much I guess. I’d be stoned to death with Arduinos if I got a second Cobra from them. :slight_smile:

Which one can grab a vga color jpeg from a camera on one com port, and then in the next line of code, send it to the pc with an xbee on a second port, all while saving it to an SD card? Here’s a hint, it’s not the Ardui-nope. :slight_smile:



I have a few other projects in mind, If more people show up, I’ll be there to give them some competition:D. I have a large application running on one of my ARM9 boards that display the time and the local weather conditions on a serial LCD (the same MeLabs model used in my envo monitor). I have been thinking about porting that to the FEZ, and adding functions like an alarm clock.

I think I will start porting that on the FEZ later today. I was originally thinking of doing it on the Arduino, but it soon became apparent that the Arduino would have been really underpowered for it, and the code would be difficult to manage in C.

Now that I have the Ethernet driver working fairly well, I think I’ll give this a shot.