Reading PS/2 Keyboard

I’m attempting to read input from a PS/2 keyboard and I’m surprised to find Hydra too slow in managed. I know managed has overhead but keyboard is only around 13khz.

For every 10 bits set from the keyboard I’m only receiving 2. Any suggestions on how I could handle it? RLP is an option but Lite version doesn’t have ability to raise up events…

I’ll gladly accept a way to connect any full sized keyboard (USB/PS2/Bluetooth); this is part of the on going PIP project. Trying to turn the Hydra with Video Out into a stand-alone mini PC. yep, someone else has reverted to RLP, I assume you’ve seen it because of your comment about events…

Except you’ll note the RLP code isn’t actually uploaded. Grr.

I ended up using the CANXtra to read the USB keyboard and send info to the Hydra over a serial port.

no, I didn’t notice that it wasn’t “self contained” :frowning: Sorry

Perfect use for canxtra and it’s USB Host goodness :slight_smile:

No worries. All’s well that ends with a FEZ PC; even if I gotta do some silly stuff to make it work. I think the CANXtra providing a secondary readout LCD will actually be pretty cool.

I am on my phone, so can’t check for sure, but I believe you have to download the zip file and it is there. I remember checking this project before and native code was there. This project is probably one of the very few that still has issue with online browsing since Josh has fixed most of them.

Checked it yesterday, same 2 files that show up on the site are in the zip