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Reading Parallel Port Speed


Hey guys,
I was wondering, how long would reading a parallel port take? (16 bit)
As in storing the value of a parallel port, with reading triggered by an interrupt, into a pre-existing buffer.


In RLP? microseconds. In C#? not a good idea


Okay thanks - I’ve got an arm9 doing a lot of video processing, and I was planning to transfer that using a FIFO buffer to the USBizi, for it to be sent along via a wireless link - Whats the fastest way to transfer data between the two chips?


Video feed going into USBizi from ARM9?! Can you explain more? Why doing so?


Actually good point… That gave me a better idea - The USBizi was dealing with all the communication, but instead I’ll serial out all the communication from usbizi to the arm9, and let it deal with it :).