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Re: Can anyone see and respond to this?


@ Gary - nope!


Me either, though I should be able to.


@ Architect, @ devhammer

But you were able to see it though right? lol :wink:


Only in the sense that it was listed in the unread messages, which is what I usually check. Clicking the message topic just took me to the Insider forum page, not to the individual topic, and showed a warning message that only insiders could view that topic.


@ Aron - What @ devhammer said. :wink:


@ Architect, @ devhammer

Ah… I see… Maybe this info can help Josh fix the problem. :slight_smile:


I had a problem when the question was originally posted, but it seems to be working now.

*************** Oooops ******************

I got confused… I thought this was the original post… Multiple posts with the same title confuse me, along with lots of other things.

I can have the same problem getting into the Insider area.


Insider is being worked on. It also requires profiles be finished. We’re almost there.