Raspberry Pi

Now this looks like an interesting Linux based project. Apparently it should start selling soon. looks pretty powerfull too.


£2,050.00 current bid on eBay!!! :o :o :o

and a new sucker born every day… :wink:

;D i know. They are saying that these boards on ebay are numbered 1,2, etc and first rev collectors are the most interested.
The thing that struck me was the apparent power of the system. With a 700MHz ARM 11 Video playback seemed pretty good and if the realtime 3D demo was not a smoke and mirror demo then its pretty impressive. If they ever go into decent volume production and achieve the $35 - 50 price point then i might just get one to play with.

It’s been years since they announce it. Apparently they are going to sell them on January but who knows.
If its get to the market you should expecpt a reduction of price on beagleboards too…

So Linux will be everywhere… Time to port .NETMF over linux ?

@ Perfectphase

Now that is something that i am waiting waiting for GHI to come out with :wink:

With all their new Christmas machines i believe 2012 will be a great year for GHI !!!

Yep you said it. The machine is being calibrated now as we speak :wink:

Oh sweet mama, 2012 is going to be awesome !!!