Raptor using RS21 and Socket 3


From G400 Boot loader instructions:

"If you are using the FEZ Raptor, connect pin 8 on socket 3 to ground."
( PA11/SPI1_MISO )

I am using WiFiRS21 in socket 3.
    Pin 8 on socket 3 ( WIFI_MISO )

Sometimes (But not always) my Raptor will not connect to the Universal Serial Bus devices if I use Socket three.
I can connect/restart many times and all of a sudden it will happen.

The Raptor boots with Ports (COM & LPT) Bossa Program Port (COM4)

I am using Windows 10 Pro, latest SDK, latest firmware.

Is this a known peculiar behavioral habit (quirk) or just because I am using the Raptor and it does not like me?

@ willgeorge - We haven’t seen that behavior before but I imagine it’s possible that the Wi-Fi module gets into a state where one or more of the three SPI pins gets held or put into an invalid state on reboot preventing the NETMF firmware from running. This is one of the reasons we recommend using the other SPI bus if possible.

@ John -

Thanks for the reply.