Raptor PWM pin goes high on reboot (causes L298 motor to spin)


Not sure if anyone else has tried using a L298 board on the Raptor (or G400) yet?

When I hook up a L298 driver board and power it up, hit the reset button (even before I give it a program), the IN2 pin goes high and causes M1 motor to spin at full speed.

I can download a program.
Hit reset
Until the G400 is up and running, the motor spins.
The motor stops.
Then the G400 starts to process my code.

I assume it’s something in the firmware?

Any ideas on how to stop this? If not, my robot will try to kill me every time it powers up:)

You can tie it low by connecting with a 10k resistor to ground.

@ rbrainard - Looks like you hit upon a problem that also concerns me much. Put a capacitor of suitable size between the pwm pin and the pwm input for the motor. This will prevent any DC from getting to the motor controller.

The extender module is perfect for these things. Both suggestions are good but with the capacitor you must use pwm. I would use a resistor if not sure.