Raptor (G400) and Distance US3 Module - Argument Exception

I am experiencing an Argument Exception on the below line when I have a Distance US3 Module connected to a Raptor board.

this.distance_US3 = new GTM.GHIElectronics.Distance_US3(1);

I saw some threads / discussions where someone else had this issue on a G400 board and it was discussed whether this was a hardware issue or driver issue.

it was unclear whether there was any resolution (the last post said the person would try something I did not really understand and then he never posted again).

Is there anyway to get this module working with a Raptor board…or should I just give up on that one as not supported/possible?


Are adding the drivers through the designer?

Welcome to the community.

Yes. I added it thru the designer. Thx

We will check on our end and let you know.

The firmware that shipped in the latest SDK did not support pull down resistors that the Distance module uses. The firmware and SDK that we are shipping in the next few days has that support, so the Distance module will work fine then.

Thanks. I’ll watch for the next SDK and try it again then.

thanks for the speedy replies!

@ John - if you remind me on Thursday, i’ll test with latest SDK.

Have same issue on the similar line

this.distance_US3 = new GTM.GHIElectronics.Distance_US3(12);

in the InitializeModules() method.