Raptor freeze and reboot when USB client cable is in but no debugger listening

I am using GHI 4.3 release R5. When the USB client cable is connected to a PC, but Visual studio or MFDeploy is not listening, other threads freeze, and sometimes the board reboots. As soon as MFDeploy is connected and listening, the threads start running.

Andre, dspacek,
I am experiencing a similar issue, just in reverse. When I have my Raptor plugged into my computer and the USB drivers loaded and do NOT have VS12/.netmf 4.3 open, I seem to operate just fine.
If I boot up the Raptor “offline” from being connected to my computer, it sometimes freezes almost immediately but sometimes wont freeze until I activate my digital inputs. Sometimes it freezes with the load module channels active. (Thank God for E-Stops!).

I am sure it is in my code. I am starting and stopping several timers at different times based on digital input and timer feedback.

Do I need to activate the GC at the end of my timers or at the end of my Digital input activation? Any ideas would be helpful.



@ dspacek -

Can you please post an example or it is happened randomly?