Raptor and WiFi RS21 - WiFiRS9110 - How to create

I’m trying to create a WiFiRS9110 object as below (I know the pins are wrong) for a Raptor board with an RS21 plugged into socket 11.

How do I figure out from the schematics or otherwise what pins to pass?

wifi = new WiFiRS9110(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB11, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB11, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB11);

You should use the gadgeteer driver and then the pins are set automatically. Meaning just add the module drivers.

I then can’t use the wifirs9110 features and instead have to fallback to the ones in the rs21. That will require significant recoding. And I forget but I think I switched when using the spider due to some additional features. Can’t quite remember though.

RS21 is the same as RS91. RedPine changed the name but it is the same.