Ranks/Points and GHI Insider

If you’ve noticed we’ve added a few pages that we want to bring to your attention:


We want your feedback :slight_smile:

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We hope this will benefit the community.

This will help keep the community engaged and inclusive in the big picture.

As an early insider I have already realized more benefit that I could have imagined.

Interesting. Thanks for the info. A couple questions.

The rank rewards that kick in on 6/25 - does that apply to current ranks or ranks earned after 6/25? In other words, if I’m a Hero on 6/25 should I be expecting a $100 coupon in the mail or not until I reach the next rank?

Can you explain point decay a little more. Does that happen every day regardless of activity or only days when you have no activity? I personally feel it should only happen on days of no activity since due to many peoples schedule it’s often hard to get to posts in time to make a valid contribution. The graduated point decay system seems a bit extreme. I know there are people here that are high ranking that have earned it over several years but who perhaps still make very valuable contributions but often just pop in on occasion. It would perhaps be valuable to separate “experience” (lifelong) points from “reward” points (lifelong - decay).

Thanks for the clarification!

Looking forward to becoming an insider shortly! (just need a bunch of one word posts to move up a rank :smiley: )

If your one word is helping others then why not :slight_smile:

Obviously GHI and community is monitoring what is going on here so frequent abuse will result in removing this benefit all together. We are hoping for users to help others and get a lot in return. Add up all the coupons someone can get and you will see that you can get almost get everything you need for free from GHI!

you are a hero already so your next rank is a king so $250 :slight_smile:

Decay is deducted daily, no matter what you do.

Thanks, Gus. I’ll try not to advance before 6/25 :wink:

The “decay” piece is interesting yes. So theoretically you’ll get people slide back down the rank. Not a great concern in the scheme of things for anyone who is a regular here, but it basically says as you’re a higher rank, you need to be making a lot of contributions to stay in your current rank - the higher your rank, the more contributions required to stay there. While again I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem, the risk is that it starts to lead to posts adding not much value, to help maintain the rating. 25pts/day seems like it would be pretty onerous for those Legends amongst us, or at least the aspiring legends, as Architect has set a high bar for contributing. Perhaps a once off effort to model how the past 3 months for instance might have panned out for them if these were in place would help show people how good/bad their ranking would have been affected?

That leads to another interesting situation. If one slides from Legend to King and then a month later makes it back to Legend do they get another $500 check? :wink: Gus, you might want to make that real clear on the ranks page or demotion might become a habit :smiley:

I like to comment on this, 25 points/day = 750 points/month. This is about 2 code share posts and 1 post per day. If we take architect as an example, he will have no problem moving up even further. Now that is the extreme case, others need much less.

You get the COUPON (not a check) and it only occurs the first time you reach a new rank.

We actually like to give more but we want to see how this works out first.

This is very generous already. With this and all the other opportunities to get goodies around here, I think most of us regulars have more hardware than we know what to do with already.

I do not believe this to be true. You only need to make one posting per day to avoid decay. Of course, if you miss
a day, then higher ranks will have to make more posting/submissions to recover.

It will be interesting to see how this system works out.

Well higher is more than a post a day but not much. Will come in to play on things like people taking holiday but you can recover from that. Personally I’m taking 3 weeks this year so for me that’s some 60+ posts worth of decay. But I talk a lot so I’ll be fine. :wink:

Architect is a well deserved Legend, yes. As I said, for us mere mortals, that’s many more points than we aquire in a long time - and that’s a “go nowhere” proposition. Perhaps you’ve modelled the numbers involved and Architect does make that in a week let alone a month, but again some folks will slowly roll down the hill back to 5k points, andit might be valuable to show some actual relevant data for each person? Again, not an onerous number for most of the people I would suggest are “regular” contributors, but something that might be concerning to progression along the ranks.

I also want to reiterate what Ian and many others have said in this thread and others - you guys really do a great job supporting the community, and this in no way lessens that.

I hope no one thinks I’m complaining. I’m just having fun with this… Honestly, I don’t look forward to advancing (other than the perks). I see it as more of an undeserved curse for being chatty and enjoying the presence of brilliant people :slight_smile:

So, let’s look at it this way… It has taken me ~1.5 years to almost reach 25K points. The next level is at 50K points. So, if I continue on at the same rate then theoretically in another 1.5 years I should be there, right? Except now because of decay I would actually have to acquire an extra ~10K points (3651.518) just to make up for decay. For someone just reaching master level the level just got even steeper. However, with the addition of the new “answer” points and +1 points, etc. it will be interesting to see how the equations change.

I think posting to Offtopic board should not give points in return. I don’t want to see an increase in that, there are other more valuable posts in other boards each day to work through.

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I’m also happy that stackoverflow doesn’t use that decay system. We need some time to actually work on our projects too. I don’t like that system.

I disagree. The Offtopic board adds some variety to the community. On slow question days, it’s the Offtopic posts that keep people involved.

The way I personally see it, come here often and have fun like you already do and one day without you knowIng, you get a coupon, a real nice coupon. There is nothing to lose and a lot of gear and knowledge to gain.

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