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Random.Next() hangs Panda II


I was trying to use the Random.Next() and as soon as I try to access it, my Panda II hangs and even visual studio stops responding until I reset the microcontroller.

I have done a work around to generate a random value based on DateTime.Now but wondering why this should lock up my unit when code out there shows this working. Do I need to refresh the version on my controller or just not use that method?


Thee’s a reason that the point 1 in the “Before you submit” information says you must have the latest firmware.

Unless you’ve EXPLICITLY confirmed that your SDK version and your device’s firmware version are the same, then there’s not much point testing any further. You must get them the same, otherwise you will get inconsistencies that may cause your app to behave incorrectly or even crash like you’re seeing now.

So get into MFDeploy and check the version of your firmware, and check the readme in the GHI SDK directory, and make sure the framework versions match !