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When you do a quick reply, my suggestion would be for it not to auto post, but just to fill the Message box.

For example, if a new poster puts up code without the tags, a pure quick reply code, IMO, doesn’t give the right vibe this place gives out. This is friendly and helpful forum, and a cut and dry quick post may come off wrong, like the responder is trying to be an interwebz police.


Good point!

Two word responses are not allowed lol

-Interwebz police

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There’s a basketball forum I take part in and it’s becoming overrun with what they call “wannabe mods”. So perhaps my view point is skewed due to my dealings with that forum.

Things around here are so much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Since when? I didn’t get the memo.

Just to clarify, my ‘Yes’ response was totally meant as a joke in that I provided on a one word response, since two word responses are not allowed.

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I chuckled.

I’ve +1’d this. It’d be great to then be able to go back and say welcome and explain things a little more “friendlier”. Or if you type a welcome message and then hit the CODE button, your response gets wiped, the auto-response gets inserted, and the message posted. Ouch (well ok, the first time you do it it’s ouch, the second time will never happen unless you forget :slight_smile: )

While talking about this, another description is required in the “code” auto reply. It needs to also tell someone how to correct it by clicking the “Edit post” button, and highlighting the code, then hitting the code button. And while we’re at it :slight_smile: can we get the edit/quote/+1 etc buttons to look a little more “solid” when they’re active? It is pretty easy to see them in their current form as “disabled” controls rather than active but waiting for you to mouse-over them.

Great idea! :wink:

http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7239 (#7)


Haha … great minds think alike, and so do ours :wink: